British Journal of Arts and Social Sciences
ISSN: 2046-9578, ┬ęBritishJournal Publishing, Inc. 2016
Volume 21 No. 02 July 2016
Study of Al-Mushakalah (Homonyms) In the Qur?n Translated Into Yoruba Language 98-139
S.A. Shittu
The Impact of Political Affiliation, Political Participation and life Satisfaction on Radicalization among University Students 140-152
Prof. Diab M. Al-Badayneh, Dr. Khawla Alhasan & Murad A. Almawajdeh
Social Capital Factors as Predictors of Rural Development in Nigeria153-170
Olajide, O. E.
A Critical Analysis of the Narrative Technique of Festus Iyayi's The Contract 171-184
Abdullahi Haruna & Vivien M. Bello-Osagie (M.A)