British Journal of Arts and Social Sciences
ISSN: 2046-9578, ©BritishJournal Publishing, Inc. 2015
Volume 19 No. 02 May 2015
Test Anxiety, Self-Esteem, Gender Difference, and Academic Achievement: The Case of the Students of Medical Sciences at Sudanese Universities: (A Mixed Methods Approach)39-59
Abdunasir Sideeg
African Muslim Diaspora: The Genesis of Contemporary Global Islamic Radicalism60-67
Human Comfort in Yacht Spaces68-75
İnanç Işıl Duman
Impact of Cognitive Restructuring and Pastoral Counselling on Spiritual Wellbeing and Role-stress on Married People in Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria76-90
Awazie, Emmanuel, Prof. Osarenren, Ngozi. & Prof. Nwadinigwe, Peter
Election, Governance and the Challenge of National Integration in the Nigerian Fourth Republic91-98
S.M. Omodia Ph.D, FCIM
Effects of the National Policy Implementation Strategy on the Working Conditions of Women in Agricultural Development99-108
Adeleke, Justina Olufunke
Public Examinations in Nigeria and Punishing Malpractice: Human Rights Perspective109-140
Dr. C. Osim Ndifon and Dr. R.A. Ndifon