British Journal of Arts and Social Sciences
ISSN: 2046-9578, ©BritishJournal Publishing, Inc. 2014
Volume 18 No. 01 May 2014
Assessment of Public Enlightenment Programme on Crash Helmet Usage among Motorcyclists in Akure Metropolis, Nigeria1-9
Richard Paul Chukwugozi
Job Satisfaction and Self Structures as Determinants of Fraudulent Behaviour10-18
Fred Femi Akinfala Ph.D
Promoting the Culture of Democracy and Good Governance in Local Government Councils in Nigeria: The Role of the Legislature19-38
Dr Alobo, Eni Eja
The State of Teaching Practice-Based Courses in Nigerian Higher Education: A case study of weaving39-51
Emmanuel Louis Etsename
Aborted Dreams of the Northern Women: A Case study of Zaynab Alkali’s The Stillborn and Degradation of the Eastern Women: An Example of Buchi Emecheta’s The Second Class Citizen52-58
Akinwumi Olutola Olafisayo