British Journal of Arts and Social Sciences
ISSN: 2046-9578, ┬ęBritishJournal Publishing, Inc. 2012
Volume 08 No. 02 September 2012
The Use of Repeated Reading in Afterschool Programs: Improving Outcomes for Struggling Elementary Students with Reading Difficulties127-139
Macid Ayhan Melekoglu and Kimber L. Wilkerson
Gender and Ethnic Differences in Young Adults Perception of Appropriateness of Some Domestic Activities in Nigeria140-156
Kehinde O. Ayenibiowo (Ph.D), Gabriel A. Akinbode (Ph.D) and Folusho, Ayodeji
Discourse Analysis in EFL Learning-A Case Study157-173
Weifeng Han
Students` Aptitude Indices as predictors of Learning Outcomes in Chemistry174-182
Adesoji, Francais A and Oginni Aderonke Margaret (Ph.D)
End-users Participation Approach towards Effective Housing Occupancy in Malaysia: A Review183-197
Abdul Anakobe Isa and Mahmud Bin Mohd Jusan
Revisiting Strategies to enhance Social Interaction in Urban Public Spaces in the context of Malaysia198-212
Tang Hoay Nee and Dr. Tareef Hayat Khan
Rethinking Crimes and Violent Behaviour in Nigeria: An Appraisal of the Challenges and Solutions213-221
Franca Attoh (Ph.D.)
Gender Disparity In Arabic Education In The 21st Century In Nigeria: Problems And Solutions222-229
S. A. Shittu
Performance Indicators of Secondary School Mathematics in Nyamira South District of Kenya230-240
Yara, Philias Olatunde and Surumo, Thomas Nyauma
Access to and Sharing of Benefit of Genetic Resources under the Nigeria Law 241-253
Amokaye Oludayo G., Ph.D