British Journal of Arts and Social Sciences
ISSN: 2046-9578, ┬ęBritishJournal Publishing, Inc. 2012
Volume 07 No. 02 July 2012
Niger Delta Crises: Implication For Society And Organizational Effectiveness. 100-112
Oluwatoyin Frederick Idowu
Pragmatics in Forensic Linguistic Development for National Re-orientation and Transformation in Nigeria 113-121
Dr Yemi Ogunsiji and Dr R.O. Farinde
Time to Wake Up! Sustainable Responsible Business Reporting In Malaysian Companies 122-123
Lock Teng Kevin, Kean Kok, NG and Seng Fook, ONG
Trends, Realities and Prospect of Housing Delivery through Mortgage Financing in Nigeria 134 -144
Clement O. Folorunso, Tareef H. Khan and Sanya A. Olowoyo
The Influence of Environmental Knowledge and Concern on Green Purchase Intention the Role of Attitude as a Mediating Variable 145-167
A.H. Lizawati Aman, Amran Harun and Zuhal Hussein
Effect of Culture on Enterpreneur Soccessor 168-177
Irefin I.A and Hammed G.O
Education: On Developing Engaging Science Curriculum for Secondary Students: Doing science as science is done 178-181
Daniel J. Bisaccio