British Journal of Arts and Social Sciences
ISSN: 2046-9578, ©BritishJournal Publishing, Inc. 2012
Volume 06 No. 01 May 2012
The Perishable and the Imperishable in 1st Peter 1:18-25, Ecojustice? An African Interpretation 1-10
M. I. Atere
Climate Change, Environment and Conflicts in Nigeria 11-20
Fatile Jacob Olufemi (Phd) & Mr. Adejobi O. Samson
“Non-Conventional Variance Analysis [Ncva], Its Adaptability In Managerial Decisions” 21-29
Dr. Omah, I, Ojo – Agbodu A.A & Dr. Kehinde J.S.
“Auditorial Professionalism” A Glaring Dichotomy in an Illusionary Capitalist Economy. 30-36
Dr. Omah, I, Ojo – Agbodu A.A & Dr. Kehinde J.S.
Economic and Financial Crime in Nigeria : Forensic Accounting as Antidote 37-50
Dr.Adegbie, Folajimi Festus & Dr.Fakile,Adeniran Samuel
Testing the familiarity and the ease of using Fingerprint devices and how the current design affecting the accuracy 51-60
Dr Abdulkareem Alalawni & Eng. Yasser Alshehri
Information Security Awareness and Culture 61-69
Yasser Al-Shehri
Task Difficulties, Eye Conditions and Visual Acuity Tasks Among Selected Students of The University of Lagos, Nigeria 70-80
Oni Bamikole FAGBOHUNGBE (Ph.D) & Gabriel Aunde AKINBODE (Ph.D)
The Linguistic Debate of Nigerian Literary Writers 81-87
Yemi Ogunsiji(Ph.D) & Farinde,r.o. (ph.d)
The reality of tourism in the Hail region 88-103
D.Safa Soboh Sababhi
University Faculty Males’ Experiences of Sexual Harassment from Female Students 104-120
FAYANKINNU, Emmanuel Abiodun (PhD)
The Servant-Leadership Concept of Jesus (Matthew 20:20-28,Luke 22:24-27) as Precursor to a Transformed Leadership in Nigeria 121-128
M. I. Atere
The Effectiveness of Frsc Public Education Programme on Drivers’ Road Traffic Habit in Lagos and Oyo States of Nigeria 129-139
Adams O.U. Onuka