British Journal of Arts and Social Sciences
ISSN: 2046-9578, ©BritishJournal Publishing, Inc. 2012
Volume 05 No. 01 March 2012
Firearm injuries documented among Syrian refugees in AntakyaTurkey 1-5
Cem ZEREN, M.Mustafa ARSLAN, Akın AYDOGAN, Onder Ozkalipci & Ali KARAKUŞ
The Challenges and Prospects of Hybridizing Aspects of L1 & L2 in the Teaching of Language and Literature in Nigeria 6-12
Dr Yemi Ogunsiji
Customers Satisfaction and its Implications for Bank Performance in Nigeria 13-29
Babatunde Adeoye & Olukemi Lawanson (Ph.D)
The Linguistic Debate of Nigerian Literary Writers 30-37
Yemi Ogunsiji(Ph.D) & Farinde,r.o. (Ph.D)
Implementation of the Senior Secondary School French Curriculum in Lagos State:Problems and Prospects 38-42
Oluranti ogunbiyi (Ph.D)
Representation of Knowledge: Probabilistic Reasoning and Fuzzy Logic for the Knowledge Representation of Gastrointestinal Tract Infections 43-56
Atiya Masood
Financial Reporting Risk Assessment and Audit Pricing 57-65
Halil Paino, PhD
Corporate Governance in Nigerian Banking Sector and Relevance of Internal Auditors 66-74
James Abiola
Student’s Self-efficacy Beliefs and Their Reading Comprehension Performance: A Nigerian Perspective 75-83
Sarah Nicholas Oden, Catherine Ndim Ebuta & Eno Grace Nta
Facilitating the Speech Impaired Child’s Oral Communication Skill through Partnerships 84-91
Sarah Nicholas Oden, Eno Grace Nta & Eno P. Ntukidem
The Role of Self Employment in Family Work Conflicts Among Mothers With Children Below 10 years old 92-102
Dr Oteh Chukwuemeka Okpo, Dr Flora Ntunde O. & Idiakhea. E. O.
A critical review on the problematic nature of ‘place’ 103-122
Veronica Ng
Poetics of Anger in John Osborne’s Look Back in Anger and Femi Osofisan’s The Chattering and the Song 123-141
Bosede F. AFOLAYAN (Ph.D)