British Journal of Arts and Social Sciences
ISSN: 2046-9578, ©BritishJournal Publishing, Inc. 2012
Volume 04 No.02 February 2012
Road Facility Availability and Maintenance in Lagos State, Nigeria 135-149
Aigbe, Gladys Osariemen (Ph.D), Ogundele, Fatai Olakunle & Aliu, Ibrahim Rotimi
Effect of Chronic Administration of Lead (Pb) on Aggressive Behaviour among Male Albino Wistar Rats 150-163
Shyngle K BALOGUN & Adedeji A. ODUSANYA
Financial Intermediation and Economic Growth in Nigeria 164-179
Shittu, Ayodele Ibrahim
Budgetary Operations and Economic Growth:The Nigerian Perspective 180-194
Ogbulu, Onyemachi Maxwell (Ph.D) & Torbira, Lezaasi Lenee B.Sc, Mba
Determinants of Technical Efficiency Differentials among Concrete and Earthen Pond Operators in Oyo State-Nigeria 195-208
Ajao, A.O
Young adults, the environment and sustainability: Challenges for the future 209-225
Anthony Kola-Olusanya
“Home” and “Homelessness” in African-Diasporan Literature 226-234
Julia Udofia, Ph. D
Jackson’s Mary and the Knowledge Argument: its Implications for Naturalism 235-242
AKINNAWONU, Benson Monehin (Ph. D)
Market Capitalization Volatility: Effects on The Nigerian Economic Growth 243-250
James Sunday KEHINDE, Ph.D, Babatunde Rahman YUSUF, Ph.D & Mathew Adeolu ABATA
The Impact of Global Financial Crisis on Banking Sector in Nigeria 251-257
S. O. Ashamu & James Abiola
The Quintessential Oni: Language as Theatre and Theatre as Language in Nigeria 258-266
Adeyemi Daramola, (Ph.D.)
The Representation of J.D. Salinger’s Views on Changes in American Society in the 1940s in The Catcher in the Rye 267-282
Jessadaporn Achariyopas
Tautology and Translation 283-299
Monther M. Battah
A Comparative Analysis of Variations in Cohesive Devices in Professional and Popularized Legal Texts 300-318
Gbenga Fakuade & Emmanuel C. Sharndama
People Need More Than Just Microfinance: Evidence from Pakistan 319-329
Dr. Nadeem Akhtar
Managing the Challenges of Industrial Work Experience Scheme in Developing Workforce among the Youths in South-West Nigeria 330-341
Oladiran, S. Olabiyi, Benjamin, O. Okarfor & Aiyelabowo, O. Peter
Language and Construction of Gender: A Feminist Critique of Sms Discourse 342-360
Lubna Akhlaq Khan & Ghulam Ali
Oil Companies and Corporate Social Responsibility in Nigeria: An Empirical Assessment of Chevron’s Community Development Projects in the Niger Delta 361-374