British Journal of Arts and Social Sciences
ISSN: 2046-9578, ©BritishJournal Publishing, Inc. 2011
Volume 02 No. 02 October 2011
Saudi Students’ Awareness of Reading Strategies and Factors affecting their EFL Reading Comprehension 75-87
Hashem Ahmed Alsamadani
Adolescents Creativity, Self-Concept and Achievement Motivation 88-101
Dr. Lama M. Al-Qaisy & Dr. Jihad Turki
Parental marital quality and family environment as predictors of delinquency amongst selected secondary school students in Malaysia 102-121
Chooi Seong Lai
Undergraduate Awareness and Readiness Towards Employability: The Significance of English 122-142
Zarina Othman ,Faridah Musa,Nor Hasni Mokhtar, Azizah Ya’acob, Rozmel Abdul Latiff, Harieza Hussein, Abdul Wahab Mohammad & Saran Kaur
Teaching Controversial Issues in Primary Schools in Botswana: Reality or Illusion? 143-156
Mavis B. Mhlauli
Assessing Students’ Cognition in Mathematics via language reading-skills and Mnemonics 157-168
OLAOYE, Adetunji Abiola
Development and Validation of the Mathematics Anxiety Scale for Secondary and Senior Secondary School Students 169-179
SADIA MAHMOOD & Dr. Tahira Khatoon