British Journal of Arts and Social Sciences
ISSN: 2046-9578, ©BritishJournal Publishing, Inc. 2013
Volume 15 No. 02 September 2013
An Evaluation of Pension Administration in Nigeria 97-108
Ayegba Ojonugwa, James Isaiah and Odoh Longinus
Appraising Legal Dilemmas in Philosophical Jurisprudence 109-121
Cyril Asuquo Etim (Ph.D)
Asouzu’s Complementary Ontology as a Panacea to the Problem of Ethnic Idolization in Nigeria 122-132
Chris O. Akpan (Ph.D) & Peter Tawor Etta
Graphic Design Curriculum and Printing Technology: The Partnership and the Impact In The Industrial Printing Market 133-142
Dr. Bassam Naser Al-Radaideh
Public Sculpture Artists in Southwestern Nigeria 143-161
Razaq Olatunde Rom Kalilu & Moses Akintunde Akintonde
Social Housing for the Poor in Davao City, Philippines 162-175
Ernie Dango De La Salde, Lindsey C. Espino, Chrisilyn C. Andamon, Flordeliza A. Arenas & Julius P. Caminoy
The role of education in poverty alleviation and Economic development: a theoretical perspective and counselling implications.176-185
Omoniyi, M.B.I. (Ph.D)
‘The Land of Security’: Western Perceptions of Religious Tolerance in Oman 186-197
Hilal al-Hajri
Why natural constants are as they are 198-203
Prof. Dr. Walter van Laack