British Journal of Arts and Social Sciences
ISSN: 2046-9578, ©BritishJournal Publishing, Inc. 2013
Volume 15 No. 01 August 2013
Locus of Control over the Types of Crime among Secondary School Students in the District of Pasir Gudang, Johor. 1-11
Nurul Atieqah Abdul Khilid, Faizah Abd Ghani, Dr & Azian Abd Aziz, Dr
Impact of Fraud and Fraudulent Practices on the Performance of Banks in Nigeria12-28
Uchenna Chiezey & Agbo J. C. Onu PhD
Berîth: Old Testament Divine Covenant of Yahweh’s Faithfulness vis-a-vis Human Covenant Unfaithfulness29-41
Gabriel Oyedele Abe
An Analysis of Teacher Candidates’ Academic Motivation Levels with Respect to Several Variables 42-53
Hasan Özder & Aktül Motorcan
Qur’anic Numbers: Inspiration and Source to Increase in Faith of the Believers 54-74
Mohammad Zakir Hossain
The Impact of Mental Happiness on the Athletic Success 75-84
Tabeian H, Zaravar, F, Shokrpour, N & Baghooli, H
The Choice of Processes and Translations of Psalm One 85-96
Adeyemi Daramola, Ph.D