British Journal of Arts and Social Sciences
ISSN: 2046-9578, ©BritishJournal Publishing, Inc. 2013
Volume 14 No. 01 June 2013
Urban Air Pollutants: The Bane of Informal Enterprises in Ibadan, Nigeria1-16
Abolade, Olajoke & Adeboyejo, A.T
An Assessment of the Performance of Informal Security Structures in Community Crime Control in Metropolitan Lagos 37-57
Adejoh Pius Enechojo
English Needs of Indigenous Students at Public Universities58-65
ShahrierPawanchik, FatanHamamahYahaya & Anton AbdulbasahKamil
Nigeria’s Recognition of The Transitional National Council of Libya: Exploration and Critical Assessment 66-82
Monday Dickson
Quantifying the effects of a resocialization project for prisoners 83-92
Mona Wolff , Sonja Rohrmann & Rolf van Dick
The Genetic Code should be seen as a Positioning Code93-97
Med. Walter van Laack
A Critique of the Enforcement of Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (Neiti) Act 2007 in Nigerian Oil and Gas Sector98-108
Barr.Okeke, V.O.S.Phd & Aniche, E. T.
The Effect of Communication Satisfaction on Organizational Commitment109-124
Burcu Eker Akgöz & Elif Engin
Urban Centres Noise Pollution: Case Study of Akure, Nigeria. 125-132
Gabriel Fadairo
Contributions of Urban Informal Enterprises to Noise Pollution in Ibadan, Nigeria 133-147
Abolade, Adeboyejo, A.T
The influence of children on marital stability148-157
Andrea Breitenbach