British Journal of Arts and Social Sciences
ISSN: 2046-9578, ©BritishJournal Publishing, Inc. 2013
Volume 13 No. 01 April 2013
The Challenges of Newspaper Management in Information and Communication Technology Age: The Nigerian Situation 1-14
Daniel O. Ekhareafo, Ezekiel S. Asemah & Leo O.N. Edegoh
Music, Politics and Freedom: Barriers to Musical Expression in Turkey15-24
Diler Özer Efe
The Effectiveness of Megan’s Law: Does It Reduce the Recidivism of a Released Sex Offender? 25-34
Bong-Kyun Park & Ju-Lak Lee
Parental Attitude to the Learning of L1 in Nigerian Secondary Schools35-43
Moradeyo Olufunmilayo OlaOlorun, N. R.Ikonta & A. O. Adeosun
Get your schmooze on: tensions, perspectives, and paradoxes in NGO funding relationships44-68
Meghan Kallman
The influence of organisational culture and budgetary participation on propensity to create budgetary slack in public sector organisations69-83
Solabomi Omobola Ajibolade & Opeyemi Kehinde Akinniyi
Urban System and Primate City in Oman84-95
Belgacem Mokhtar
Using Mood Management Theory to Define The Success of TV Format "O Ses Türkiye"96-106
Dr. Ayşe Zafer Başkaya
Information and Communications Technology Awareness and Use for Home Economics Curriculum Delivery in Anambra State: Teachers’ Improvement Strategies107-120
Olibie, Eyiuche Ifeoma & Ezenwanne Dorothy Nkem
Who Owns the Road? Exploring Driver and Pedestrian Behaviour at Zebra/Pedestrian Crossings in Gaborone, Botswana. 121-130
Seipone B. M. Mphele, Morekwe M. Selemogwe, Monde Kote & Shyngle K. Balogun
Transparency, Trust and Confidence in the Public Sector131-140
Dr Haslida Abu Hasan
An Evaluation of the socio-cultural effects of Climate Change on vulnerable Africa:Making a case for urgent action towards Adaptation in Nigeria.141-149
OGINNI Adeyemi & ADEBAMOWO Michael
Christian & Muslim Leadership in Ghana: Maintaining a Creative Balance between Fellowship & Followership. 150-165
Rev (Prof) Eric Nii Bortey Anum & Mustapha Abdul Hamid