British Journal of Arts and Social Sciences
ISSN: 2046-9578, ©BritishJournal Publishing, Inc. 2013
Volume 11 No. 02 January 2013
The Boko Haram Crisis and Nigeria’s External Relations 126-139
Bamgbose, J. Adele Ph.D
The Criteria for Holistic Leaders 140-149
Associate Professor Dr. Mohammad Shatar Sabran
Learning Orientation and Business Performance of Women-Owned SMEs in Malaysia: the Mediating Effect of Competitive Advantage150-161
Rosli Mahmood, Norshafizah Hanafi
Maize Production, Prices and Related Policy in Thailand162-173
Nongnooch Poramacom
Potential Roles of Landscaping in Sustainable Tourism Development in Nigeria: A Multivariate Analysis 174-185
Ayeni, Dorcas A
Religion and Well-Being186-198
Sigurlina Davidsdottir, Laufey S. Jonsdottir
Estimating the Weights of a Composite Index Using AHP: Case of the Environmental Performance Index 199-221
Nick Dedeke
The Effect of Tax Compliance on Economic Growth and Development in Nigeria, West-Africa222-231
Akintoye, I.R, Tashie, G.A
Effect of Teaching Games for Understanding in 5 versus 5 mini game play, cardiovascular fitness, leg power and 30m running speed among Malaysian School elite players 232-249
Sanmuga Nathan (PhD), Ahmad Hashim (PhD), Ong Kuan Boon (PhD) , Abdul Rahim Shariff (PhD) ) , Mohd Sani Madon (PhD) and Nelfianty Abd Rasyhid
Defects Liability Period in Nigeria Building Industry: Practice, Problems and Prospect250-258
Alejo,Ayodele Oluwole
An Evaluation of the socio-cultural effects of Climate Change on vulnerable Africa:Making a case for urgent action towards Adaptation in Nigeria259-267
OGINNI Adeyemi and ADEBAMOWO Michael
Christian & Muslim Leadership in Ghana: Maintaining a Creative Balance between Fellowship & Followership 268-283
Eric Nii Bortey Anum Mustapha Abdul Hamid